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Family Dentistry

Treating Patients of All Ages in Simi Valley, CA

Finding one dental practice that can see the entire family can be difficult. Our dentists see patients from ages four and up, allowing children, parents, and grandparents all to visit us for effective dental care. Jeannette Tokuyama, DDS & Lisa Hansen, DDS provide family dentistry in Simi Valley, CA, Moorpark, CA, and Thousand Oaks, CA.


We provide fluoride treatments for patients of all ages, but they are especially effective for children.

Fluoride is a mineral that is known for rebuilding the enamel of the teeth, making them more resistant to tooth decay. Fluoride can be found in several everyday items, including tap water and toothpaste. However, the risk of fluoride overexposure is very high in children, so their only recommended source of fluoride is a dental practice.


Children tend to have trouble brushing their molars because these particular teeth have several pits. Food debris can easily get stuck in the grooves of these teeth, and brushing improperly will not remove those particles. This creates a situation where oral bacteria can feast upon the debris.

Our dentists in Simi Valley, CA, can provide sealants for children who are having trouble keeping their molars free of decay. Sealants are plastic coverings that are placed over the molars, sealing off the many folds and pits these teeth develop. Covering the teeth in this manner prevents food debris from getting stuck onto these teeth. The oral bacteria in that area, which cause gum disease and tooth decay, are not able to feed off of that food and so do not wear down the teeth.

Cosmetic Restorations

Family dentistry is not just about helping children. As we get older, our teeth become more susceptible to decay and injury. In order to help older generations reconstruct their smiles, our dentists use cosmetic restorations to help adults repair the beauty and the health of their smile.

Cosmetic restorations are treatments that effectively replaces or restructures the teeth while also blending into the smile’s appearance. These restorations do not stand out the way a metal restoration would. Our most common cosmetic restoration is the white filling used to restore teeth which have small cavities. We also provide porcelain crowns and bridges, which repair or replace damaged or decayed teeth. If used in conjunction with dental implants, a porcelain crown can replace one missing tooth and a porcelain bridge can replace multiple teeth.

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Jeannette Tokuyama, DDS & Lisa Hansen, DDS help families in Simi Valley, CA, and beyond protect their oral health. We can see patients of almost any age. For more information, or to schedule the next dental appointment for anyone in your family, call or email us at our Simi Valley family dental practice today!

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